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Dealing with the Dark Side: Black Men, Depression, and Racism

August 13, 2012

Article from Clutch: Dealing with the Dark Side: Black Men, Depression, and Racism

I found this article to be both informative and it also confirmed facts that I have personally observed.  I think that any of us who has experience on this subject matter should find that this article will serve as a good source for discussion and reflection.  I welcome comments from anyone else who has read this article.


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  1. PTSD = post traumatic slavery disorder?

    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

      • i prefer my definition

      • Thanks!
        I think that both definitions for the “S” are valid and applicable in the Black Male experience so there is no fight there for me. I want to ask: Have you suffered from Depression or PTSD? If so, can you expound on your experience? I have have found it extremely difficult to manage the basic things in life, such as work, relationships, good physical health and a good spiritual state as a result of these conditions. Furthermore, as an AA male, I do not trust therapy nor the drugs that are prescribed to treat these conditions as they (drugs) often increase one’s propensity towards suicide and other destructive behavior. I also find that people around me do not quite understand what I’m going through and I have been rediculed, criticized isolated and basically left for dead. This is the stigma that this disease often carries with it. I have found, however that Meditation, Self-help books, good friends with sound minds and changing my music selection have greatly improved my overall outlook on life and given me a much healthier state of mind. When I look throughout my community, I realize just how widespread this disease is among the AA males in my immediate neighborhood and the numbers are astounding. Can relate to any of these experiences? Thanks, again!!

  2. i learned in therapy that my depression was due to anger turned inward.

    • The costly mistake that I made is that I actually confused my anger turned inward as anger at myself and eventually hated my self for a long time. I think a lot of us make this mistake as we do or did not know the importance of managing negative feelings nor how to. It raises the question: How is it that we turn all of the contempt that we have for the ills of society towards our own selves, instead of allowing that contempt to be fuel that drives us to change it?

  3. Funk permalink

    Fear is the basis of my depression. I’m just now figuring out how large a role fear has played in my life; going back as far as I can remember. At this stage in my life, this realization turns into anger. Being angry at yourself is mufucka!

    • I think both anger turned inward and fear is the Molotov Cocktail that got us. Jamesfrmphilly asked if the “S” in PTSD stood for Slavery and I do see a relevance there. I remember when I was in school and learning about slavery, feeling kind of embarrassed and inferior because of how brutally we were treated and how we just didn’t ever beat it back. I think that partially triggers the inner anger. What history is really telling us is that we are powerless to stop this pattern of abuse and that would incite the fear that we live with. It is quite remarkable for us when we actually consider the amount of fear and self-anger that we live with. Neither is justified, yet they are prominent in our psyches. The truth is that we are mere mortals giving an Herculean effort against a great foe and rediculously skewed odds. We should all be congratulated for even having the ability to participate in this blog because this has taken many of our brothers totally out of the box!!

  4. the issue is that there are negative feelings that have been turned inward against ourselves.
    the solution is to flip the self hate and anger outward toward the system of oppression that operates against us all.

  5. i have found reading ‘the metu neter’ written by ra un nefer amen to be helpful to me.
    i also study ‘maat : the eleven laws of god’ written by ra un never amen.

    the first law states : “you were made in the likeness of a peace that nothing can disturb.
    reclaim your peace that you may attain to your reason for coming into existence,
    the enjoyment of life”

    this is wisdom from the Egyptian book of the dead. black Egypt. prior to the arab invasions.
    our ancestors left us wisdom that can help us today. the law states that if we were made in the image of god, we were made in the image of peace. peace is our true nature. hate, anger, fear, depression are all disturbances of our natural peace. peace is our nature as black men. vent those negative feelings and emotions out of our system and attain our natural peaceful state.

    i have been in therapy and it has been helpful but i have found the study of the metu neter and the eleven laws to be just as helpful.


  6. i have fund the study of martial arts to be helpful. that study ultimately brings you to a place of peace and balance. for a quick fix, any strenuous excursive that works the large muscles of the back, legs and arms will give relief. running, swimming, chopping wood will give you quick relief if you are stressed out.

  7. Funk permalink

    I practice yoga for the same benefits. People do themselves a huge disservice by decoupling body, mind and spirit.

    • I can’t say enough about Peace. One thing this experience has done is that it has caused me to re-assess what is valuable to me. I ended up at Peace as the top priority. I realized that I am not, by nature, angry nor combative. Speaking of decoupling, I did have to decouple my mind, body and spirit from my experiences because I had unknowingly attahced my identity to my experiences. That was a fatal mistake. It was liberating for me to realize that my negative experiences did not define me nor did they actually diminish my true nature in any way. I am still as peaceful as I was the day I was born, regardless of what I experienced. IT’s great to also discover the roads that lead us back to our true selves, be it martial arts, yoga, meditation, etc.

  8. the first law and the second law


    You were made in the likeness of a peace that nothing can disturb.

    Reclaim your peace that you may attain to your reason for coming into existence:

    The enjoyment of life.


    Your nature is an unconquerable peace, therefore nothing or no one can be against you.

    All experiences come to you to promote your reclamation of peace,
    that you may, in turn, acquire wisdom and power.

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